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FlyView For SharePoint 2.5 – New Productivity Features

Smart Views in FlyView group/filter the documents based on some common scenarios such as

Last Modified: Shows the documents/items in latest to oldest order
Last Modified by Me: Documents/items modified by me in latest to oldest order
Checked Out to Me: Documents currently checkout to me
If you can think of a few more common views, then we will be […]

SharePoint Navigation Options 101- Structured – Metadata – Search

SharePoint Navigation Options – A Quick Guide
If SharePoint site is not highly customized, it basically includes Top Link bar and Quick Launch zones for navigation:

Top Link bar helps to navigate between SharePoint Sites(Webs), and Quick Launch menu allows to access Subsites, Lists and Libraries placed on the Web. Top Link bar and Quick Launch navigation […]

Announcing FlyView Enterprise – Internet Explorer Support Arrives

Today I am so glad to announce the release of the FlyView for SharePoint Enterprise version. It works the same way its sibling, the Chrome extension, works and provides users with a fast and fluid SharePoint navigation and content exploration experience. A trial version is available to download now, download link is at the end […]

SharePoint Tips To Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

Business Benefits of FlyView

Business Value / Return of investment
Less time consuming
Less resources
Prevents data duplication
Fast quick easy SharePoint usage / SharePoint adoption
Less network traffic
Completely safe (doesn’t modify the data)
Read only tool
Easy to install / remove
Fantastic support
Great reviews from users
Great price


SharePoint Users are usually in search of SharePoint tips and tools to increase their productivity and make […]

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