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FlyView for SharePoint is Fun to use, installs in seconds and Boosts Business Users’ Productivity!

FlyView in Action!

If you want your users to love using SharePoint, to increase user adoption and improve ROI on your current investments in SharePoint then you need FlyView.

FlyView creates an on-screen SharePoint Navigation Menu and Breadcrumb at run-time. Its self-expanding behavior reveals to you the site structure, object metadata, object previews and links to common actions. It’s available for SharePoint Online, 2016, 2013 and 2010. Also supports mobile and tablet (limited support).

It is a safe tool that is easy to install & remove.  Download it for free in Chrome and let it glide you to your SharePoint sites, lists, libraries and views, pages and files. Your destination, anywhere in SharePoint, is just a single click away.

Update Feb ’18 : FlyView now supports custom Site Collection hierarchy in the menu. Check Live Preview here.

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Wouldn’t be suprised if this is going to be baked into the SharePoint product in the very near future
So simple, so quick 🙂

Kharles Pico

This app is awesome. Must have for SP Navigation.

Adam Grifffin

This is must have plugin for any SharePoint user.
I’m able to navigate and browse my entire SharePoint site without clicking even once. No more waiting for slow page reloads for me.

Merill Fernando
This is the most useful sharepoint tool I ever used. Finally someone simplified its navigation and I do not need to click ten times to open a document.
Elena Kravchenko

Wow, so good, yet so simple. Really makes for a great user experience!! very impressed!

Deirdre Slattery

That was the missing point in SharePoint.
Great idea – very easy to navigate SharePoint now and it’s quick as well.

Ali Raza

FlyView for SharePoint is Fun to use and installs in seconds!

And it has some awesome features, easy to use interface and so much more!

Get it Now!