Dynamic SharePoint Menu by FlyView – More than just a SharePoint Treeview

SharePoint content are stored in a tree structure, i.e. Sites, sub-sites, document libraries and folders. FlyView for SharePoint enables you to explore and compare your SharePoint site content in a flash. FlyView for SharePoint not only provides you with a Tree View of your site collection but it also enables you to perform actions as you traverse through the navigation tree.  For example, you can preview multiple documents and images at once, bookmark SharePoint locations, see the document/file count, filter the items instantly and access settings menu. FlyView works with SharePoint Online, 2013, 2010 and 2007.

See how easy it is to use FlyView for SharePoint

With FlyView you can see the complete site structure in front of you like a SharePoint Tree view, but it is a more faster and easier than that. It takes you under the layers of your huge SharePoint Site in a matter of seconds. Exploring your site content has never been easier with FlyView working on your mouse pointer’s moves and clicks.

FlyView for SharePoint stands out when compared with out of the box navigation options available in SharePoint. Its instant search and filtering option saves you time and effort. Additionally, SharePoint users can sometimes get a bit lost and it is not easy to backtrack your actions or steps when working on a large site full of documents and files. FlyView displays a breadcrumb menu that not only highlights your current location but also allows you to go back to one step or more within the menu and navigate another branch without moving away form your current page.


SharePoint Treeview

  • In summary,
    • FlyView generates an interactive tree view menu that will save users’ time and increase their productivity in discovering content and visualising their site structure.
    • FlyView is quite fun to use, it is not at all boring like other site structures or tree views.
    • It is actually a more advanced type of tree view as it also creates quick little previews.
    • Moreover, now with the newest version FlyView 2.0 users can pin multiple preview windows to compare and update quickly.