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Guest Staff asked 2 years ago

I am a great fan of your Sharepoint plugin, FlyView. I logged onto SP this morning and they offered me the new look and feel. I accepted this after going through half a dozen Next-buttons and now when I open a folder, your bar disappears. This brings my productivity down dramatically.

Would you be so kind to let me know whether you are aware of this and whether you see the possibility of bringing the bar “back to life” and if so by when?

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Support Staff answered 2 years ago

Thanks for your interest and appreciation. Microsoft has made additional changes to the New Look that had caused issues with FlyView browser plugin, this has now been fixed . However, the server version Fis still waiting on Microsoft to provide support for the developers in hooking up their code with the New Look. Microsoft have said they are working on it.  In the meantime you have two options

  1. Disable New Look in your Tenant
  2. Use our browser plugins that support New Look now

Another quick fix is to revert back the old look. If you go to the document library then you can see the link on the left bottom, ’switch to classic view’, this will restore the old look.