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FlyView for SharePoint chrome extension is free for individual users, however, the enterprise version (deploy once and run in any browser without requiring any plugins) is commercially licensed and the right tool for an enterprise. The chrome extension is a standalone plug and play product doesn’t need any server deployment and allows the users to experience FlyView. They can keep using it for free, no enterprise licenses are required.

Our developer’s tools (SharePoint Insider and its Explorer variants) are free for the developers, our gift to fellow SharePoint Devs.

No, we do not, only for the chrome extensions we get general download statistics from Google but we do not collect your site data. Using FIddler you can check anytime what calls our products make to the outside world. For enterprise users, we may get the number of users using the product for licensing reasons.

No, FlyView is a read-only product, it doesn’t make any changes to your SharePoint data on the server.

You should not be concerned. FlyView cannot do anything except what the current user has been permitted to do by the site admin or owner. FlyView runs in the browser and enhances SharePoint user experience. SharePoint treats all requests coming from FlyView as if they were coming from the user and thus applies the same security restrictions appropriate for the current user.

No, it is all javascript based product and it is very lightweight, optimized for performance and runs within the browser. Instead of slowing down your PC it can reduce your PC-server traffic as you would be loading a lot lesser number of pages and thus it helps you do things faster in SharePoint.

Yes, we have FlyView Enterprise for SharePoint Online, 2016, 2013 and 2010. It follows a deploy once and uses anywhere model. With the enterprise version, your users will not need to install the browser extensions, they will not need to do anything. FlyView Enterprise runs on all major browsers (IE, Chrome, FireFox, Safari), even on iPads and mobile tablets (limited support).